16 Dec 2020 Kohistan observed Solidarity day with APS Martyred   

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Abbottabad : Six years ago terrorists attacked at APS ( Army Public School)Peshawar, 147 people’s, most of students, martyred & large number of other people scared for life by the trauma of losing their loved ones in the carnage .Parents & family members of those f victim to one of the worst terrorist attacks Pakistan faced on Dec 16, 2014, are still have a strong emotional effect by grief & sorrow.Whole nation felt pain on that tragedy & more difficult for the family members Now, Six years have gone by since the APS incident, but still the Pain is unforgettable, relatives of the victims .
Since the tragedy took place, Special Prays, Solidarity walks on the Hazara division ( upper Kohistan Lower Kohistan , Battagram & Torghar) with the start of December every year.
16-12-2020 On this anniversary is being marked in whole Pakistan & Special Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province with an official remembrance ceremony at the APS campus for parents of the victims and other Part of Province. , there are programs organized at difference districts of kpk .
In Upper Kohistan ,Dasu (district capital) Kandia , Lower Kohistan Palas ,Pattan (district capital) remembrance ceremony .Special Prays with fajir Prays for martyred , their family & for Pakistan armed forces . at Palas Pattan , Dasu , Kandia difference mosques organized a Quran Khwani for Martyred of APS .
Two big solidarity rallies at upper Kohistan & lower Kohistan . upper Kohistan dasu Malik Jan khan (local Landlord) lead the rally said the APS tragedy never be forgotten. Salute to the martyrs and their families. Its Own Blood We Proud on it. We stand united with over Arms Force’s.
Lower Kohistan Pattan People’s walk Candle Light’s, its Tears in eye’s of rally .difference locals (Maliks- landlords) joins rally with their tribe’s People’s. Abdul Khan Said
praise Pakistan’s victory against terrorism. United we move towards lasting peace & prosperity of Pakistan. The nation cannot forget the massacre of little angels/teachers of APS 6 years ago on this day. The month of December reminds us of the Army Public School misfortune that took place in Peshawar.16 Dec day holds a special place in the hearts of every Pakistani , ‘Black Day’ due to 146 people, including innocent children, were gunned down by the monsters disguised in human.
Molana Hameed Ullah said in the end of pray It was one of the most horrific days in the history of Pakistan when the terrorists opened fire on the defenseless little angles . Whole nation remembers the martyrs of APS,They will always remain in our hearts.We have not wasted our blood of martyrs, as we salute them for their courage and bravery and prayed to Allah Almighty that may the world never have to witness a day like this again.Truly heartbreaking. No words can be explained those who lost their loved ones.it was a day that could never be forgotten

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