20 January Martyrs of Azerbaijan remembered.   

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ISLAMABAD, The Solar Energy operated Community Water Sahal Khinger, Gujar Khan Tehsil in remembrance of 20 January Martyrs of Azerbaijan implemented by Heydar Aliyev Foundation lead by First Lady of Azerbaijan, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva was inaugurated.


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Speaking at the ceremony organized at Ibn-e-Khaldun Academy  Morha Burj UC Jarmot Ambassador of Azerbaijan Dashgin Shikarov  stressed upon the ties and shared values of two nations that bring the people of  Azerbaijan and Pakistan together. Mr. Shikarov briefed participants on events of 20 January, 1990. He said that on that night Soviet troops stormed Baku shooting and smashing by tanks peaceful demonstrators. As a  result  of  this  unprecedented  illegal  action, 134   men  were killed, about 700 men wounded.  The diplomat said that the Black January was a turning point in the history of Azerbaijan. Despite of military, political and moral aggression, Azerbaijani national movement kept on struggling,  succeeded to declare   its  independence  on   October 18, 1991 and the brotherly Pakistan was one of the first countries  in the  world to recognize this independence.


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Addressing the audience the Principle of Ibn-e-Khaldun Academy Qazi Muhammad Imran, Secretary -General of Azerbaijan-Pakistan Media Forum Raja Javed Ali Batti and the other speakers spoke about cordial relations between two countries and the importance to always   remember all those who sacrificed their precious lives for the freedom of their motherland.  They also spoke about the independence movement of Pakistan and Pakistani Shaheeds who laid down their lives for the Nation. The speakers  thanked the First Lady and people of Azerbaijan for standing hand in hand with people of Pakistan.

The ceremony was followed by performances of student of Ibn-e-Khaldun academy and lunch.

Later, Ambassador of Azerbaijan and other participants of the function visited Sahal Khinger village to get acquainted with the solar energy operated water scheme.

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