Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi has organized the book launching ceremony   

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Karachi( UNP)“In our country, the people are not familiar with their rights and the law in such a case, the book “The Inalienable Human Rights” of a well-known legislator can be the best guide for everyone The government is requested to include this book in the academic curricular so that the people can be aware of their rights following the law” these views were expressed by the politician Mehtab Akbar Rashidi on the occasion of the book launching ceremony of Aslam Shaikh’s book. “The author is requested to translate this book into Sindhi and Urdu as well and first of all, the availability of the book should be ensured at the general police stations on the condition that it should be read” she added.
President of the association of social and intellectual friends Mohammad Asif Shaikh, General Secretary Ashraf Ali, Advocate Sindh High court, Abdul Khalid Shaikh, Prof. K.A Rajpal, Rafeeq Ahmed Jafri, and others were also present in the ceremony.
Author of the book and additional secretary, Prosecution and legislation law department Aslam Shaikh said that this book is the essence of his training which he has written based on his years of experience. He further said “It is a blessing from the God that I know the art of legislation and I’m spreading this skill among others. I am really grateful to all my friends, colleagues and my students for their presence today”
This book launching ceremony is held at Arts Council Karachi.

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