Belarus Offers Generous Support in Higher Education and High Tech Science & Technology   

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02Islamabad (28-05-2015): A high level delegation from Republic of Belarus is currently on a state visit to Pakistan to formalize arrangements for mutual cooperation and collaboration in a wide array of disciplines ranging from science and higher education to commerce and industry. On the invitation of President of Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS), Dr. Anwar Nasim, on 28 May 2015 Chairman of Presidium of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB), Acad. Vladimir G. Gusakov, and Education Minister of Belarus, Mr. Zhuravkov Mikhail, participated in a brainstorming session with senior scientists, young faculty members and postgraduate students at PAS Headquarters in Islamabad. Secretary General of PAS, Prof. Zabta K. Shinwari, briefed the audience about the background and objective of the brainstorming. He said that the Academy has a catalytic role in economic development of the country by way of promoting S&T by forging and facilitating working relations between Pakistani and foreign scientific institutions. On the desire of the Chairman of NASB, Prof. Shinwari also elaborated an impressive and highly informative presentation regarding the organization, mandate, activities and accomplishments of NASB.
Welcoming the distinguished guests from Belarus and the audience, Dr. Anwar Nasim, stated that he always believed that “Nothing happens unless we work together” and “Unless you give science the priority it deserves, nothing would happen”. Thus, the need and benefits of scientific collaboration with a scientifically advanced country like Belarus cannot be overemphasized. The Education Minister of Belarus elaborated upon the education system in his country by emphasizing upon the tremendous role of scientific and technical education in economic development of Belarus He said that higher education in Belarus is target oriented, and science scholars work on problem solving projects in partnership with Techno Parks and more than 100 high-tech enterprises of Information Technology, Genetics, Genomics, Space Technology, IT, Agricultural Equipments, and so on. Belarus has more than 80,000 foreign students from China, Middle East, Latin America, and also has joint scientific projects with European and other countries. Thus, we are very keen to have students from Pakistan and joint scientific projects with your country.
The Chairman of NASB apprised the audience that by working on fundamental and applied sciences, Belarus economy has developed rapidly. Though Belarus has very limited natural resources, we have exploited their potential with innovative S&T to stay competitive in the world. All high-tech products and services concerning nuclear energy, dairy industry, drone technology, IT, agriculture, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals & radiopharmaceuticals, disease diagnosis by stem cell, space technology, new materials and nano-technology are made within Belarus. He offered collaboration in all areas of S&T by way of joint projects, reciprocal visits of scientists, and joint conferences. These briefings were followed by questions and answers and useful discussions.
Dr. Anwar Nasim welcomed the offer of collaboration and support by the visiting dignitaries from Belarus. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation between Science Academies of the two countries will be signed on 29 May 2015 by Chairman of NASB and President of PAS at the Prime Minster Office in Islamabad in the presence of the Honorable President of the Republic of Belarus and the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan. UNP


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  1. Fazal Akbar says:

    The whole credit goes to Prof. Dr. Zabta khan Shinwari for mobilizing the Pakistan Academy of Sciences for the promotion of higher education in our country…

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