Fair, independent elections essential criteria for democracy, says Naheed Khan   

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LAHORE  (UNP) Pakistan Peoples Party (Workers) central leader Naheed Khan on Wednesday said fair and independent elections are only essential criteria for a democracy and a strong democratic set up could resolve all the issues and ensure progress and prosperity in the country.

Addressing a public gathering during door to door election campaign in NA-120 Liton Road, Chohan Park and Outfall Road  advisor to the slain PPP leader Benazir Bhutto, Naheed Khan and ex-senator and President of the party Dr Safdar Abbasi here today said leaders like Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto undertook an exemplary struggle for the restoration of democracy in Pakistan to ensure rights of the people and “lit the beacon of democracy by laying down their lives.

On this occasion other party’s leadership including Sardar Hur Bukhari, Ibn-e-Rizvi, Aamna Zaidi, Saleem Khan, Waseem Khan and other party workers were also present.

Naheed Khan said the sacrifices of the PPP leadership was exemplary for democracy but unfortunately, the incumbent PML-N government is allegedly involved in anti-democratization process as it may manipulate votes in NA-120 by-polls on massive scale by using the government machinery. She said that Election Commission is not taking any action even against the violation of the code of conduct and it is a matter of concern for them.

She further said the democracy will be strengthened only in Pakistan when the perpetrators of rigging will be apprehended and punished according to the law of the land. She said her party would not allow anyone to steal the mandate of the people and their struggle for the supremacy of the democracy would be continued at any cost.

Naheed Khan said it is a matter concern that all the powerful federal ministers along with the Punjab government’s administrative machinery including police are buying the loyalties of the people and those who are refusing to submission are being threatened with dire consequences.

On this occasion, Dr Safdar Abbasi said a large scale rigging in by-polls is being committed having no precedent anywhere. He said if the concerned authorities would not take notice of the irregularities being taken place in NA-120 by-polls, that the whole election process has been opened to question.

Severely criticizing the government, he said the present regime has failed to give relief to a layman in the country as more than half of the country lives below the poverty line. He said the elite ruling class should feel shame as Pakistan is ranked 10th among the top 10 countries with regard to the numbers of people living without access to safe water. He said the ruling party claimed that they did unprecedented development in Lahore for the betterment of the people but the reality is contrary to this claim as it is reported in media that a majority of samples of drinking water being supplied by the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) to the Lahorites were contaminated. He said the condition of the people of the NA-120 is not different from the condition of the people of different constituencies.

Dr Safdar Abbasi said the ruling MNAs and MPAs would never take botheration to visit their own constituency after winning the elections and this overall lethargic and cool hearted nature of our representatives reflect that we are still lagging behind in democratic process.

On this occasion, ex-MPA and the contesting candidate for NA-120 Sajida Mir urged the people to vote for honest candidate in NA-120 by-poll if they wish to strengthen democracy in Pakistan. She claimed her party was getting overwhelming response from the voters during door to door campaign


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