Government of Ukraine Publishes a “Black Book” detailing Russia’s Crimes Against Ukraine   

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On February 17, the Ukrainian government published “The Kremlin’s Black Book: Crimes Against Ukraine”, which outlines concrete information on crimes committed by Russia against Ukraine.

Russian military aggression and occupation of Crimea have led to huge human, economic and infrastructural losses in Ukraine.

978,482 Ukrainians have been registered as internally displaced persons (IDP), having fled from territories suffering from Russian occupation and Russian-backed terrorist groups and regular troops.

The estimated value of financial losses due to illegal confiscation of property of more than 4,000 enterprises by Russia in Crimea amounts to UAH 1,180 billion.

Every day Ukraine spends approximately UAH 100 million in order to conduct the anti-terrorist operation and protect itself from Russian forces.

As a result of Russian aggression, Ukraine has undergone significant macroeconomic losses. In particular, the industrial production rates in 2014 reduced by 10.7%, including a decline of 31.5% and 42% in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions respectively.

Coal output has decreased by 35% in Ukraine. 115 out of 150 coalmines are located on the occupied territories.

1,514 railway infrastructure facilities, 1,561 km of public roads, and 28 air traffic control facilities have been damaged.

In general, Russian aggression has destroyed nearly 20% of Ukraine’s economic potenrial.

Kremlin’s Black Book: Crimes Against Ukraine is available in Ukrainian, English, German, Russian and French at the official web-portal of the Ukrainian government.


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