Overseas Pakistani receives President’s commendation   

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Dubai based diplomatic consultant and philanthropist Mobisher Rabbani, recently was commended by the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan H.E. Mamnoon Hussain for his contributions in the fields of Diplomacy and Philanthropy at ceremony held in Islamabad.

Mobisher Rabbani spend five weeks as a part of a National Defence University, Pakistan’s study group that was tasked to prepare an implementation policy plan for “Pakistan Vision 2025”.

The study group consisted of Senators, Parliamentarians, Ambassadors, Bureaucrats, Military Officials, and Industrialists. To understand the dynamics and diversity of Pakistan they travelled to all provinces and were briefed by their respective Governors, Chief Ministers, and Ministers.

In order to implement Vision 2025 effectively, the study group recommended a well-defined coordination mechanism among federating units including four provinces, and special areas such as FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) and Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) to reach the desired goals. A rigorously defined road-map and time-line along with performance indicators were prepared in consultations with all stakeholders. Four key aspects that were highlighted to enable the successful execution of this strategic undertaking included; sustained executive commitment & support, resources, macroeconomic stability, private sector engagement, and radical improvement in productivity.

“It was a proud moment to be part of the presititous group and sharing my experiences and expertise on behalf of overseas Pakistanis. It is high time the Pakistani diaspora go further beyond from just contributing through remittances and philanthropic contributions back home” he said.


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