Pre-poll rigging in full swing in NA-120 to get desired results, says Naheed Khan   

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LAHORE( UNP): Pakistan Peoples Party (Workers) leadership on Tuesday alleged that the pre-poll rigging is in full swing in to NA-120 constituency to maneuver the result of NA-120 by-polls in favor of Begum Kalsoom Nawaz, the spouse of the ex-ousted Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif.
But still they are too much optimistic as the people are getting political maturity and by-polls on September `17 will be proved a judgment day for the incumbent rulers.
These views were expressed by PPP-Workers central leader advisor to the slain PPP leader Benazir Bhutto Naheed Khan and party’s president ex-senator Dr Safdar Abbasi during a door to door election campaign in the localities of Panorama, Anarkali and the adjacent markets. On this occasion, the party other leaders including Sardar Hur Bukhari, Saleem Khan, Aamna Zaidi, Ibn-e-Rizvi and the contesting candidate for NA-120 ex-MPA Sajida Mir were also present.
Naheed Khan said the mission of the slain leadership of the PPP is at the hands of the diehard ideological workers who will give surprises to their political opponents in upcoming general elections. She said the rulers who think Punjab and Lahore their feudal tenement (feudal land) will be brought to justice soon. She said the people are getting poor day by day and those who were eating meal two times a day are now compelled to eat meal one time a day.
She further said the pitiable condition of the people of this constituency is now before the world and the suppressed strata of the society was seeking opportunity to take revenge from the elite rulers and this opportunity came in by-polls elections which are being held on September 17. She said the rulers at one hand claimed that they are champion of the democratic rule but on the other hand, plying all available government resources to maneuver the results of the by-polls in NA-120 through rigging in favor of their candidate.
On this occasion, Dr Safdar Abbasi said the PML-N led government is violating the all code of conducts set by the election commission and no institution is ready to take them into account on these violations. He said the people should avail this opportunity and cast their votes to elect honest candidate in by-polls. He said the future of our next generation is depending on this and now the people should show political maturity to bring positive changes in the society.
He said the power is slipping away from the hands of the rulers and they would not befool the people again. He said he is much optimistic and believed that the crack of the dawn of September 17 will bring the ray of hope for the masses.
On this occasion Sajida Mir said the PPP workers and supporters gave them extraordinary support and this showed their commitment towards the true ideology of the party leadership of the Shaheed Benazir and Zulifaqar Ali Bhutto. She said she struggled all her life for the supremacy of the democracy and they would continue their struggle in future too.
Later, Naheed Khan and Dr Safdar Abbasi visited Khalid Ahmed Kharl (deceased) and offered fateh and condoled with his wife and son Haider Kharl.

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