Science & Technology Must be Promoted for National Development   

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DSCN0457Islamabad (05.06.2015): The consensus of 6th monthly brainstorming session on “Making Pakistan Science Conscious” organized by National Institute of Vacuum Science and Technology (NINVAST), Islamabad in collaboration with Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS), was that national development cannot be realized without promoting science & technology in the country. Director General of NINVAST, Dr. Javaid Ahsan Bhatti, appreciated the Pakistan Academy of Sciences for striving to promote S&T in the country by taking along all the stakeholders. Secretary General of PAS, Prof. Dr. Zabta K. Shinwari, apprised the audience about the background and objective of these brainstorming sessions for promoting S&T in the country. He emphasized that younger generation is the future custodian of Pakistan, and, thus, the Academy is encouraging and motivating young faculty members and postgraduate scientists to work hand-in-hand with the senior scientists. Dr. Shinwari appreciated the flag bearer of the “Making Science Conscious Pakistan” initiative, Dr. Hamid Saleem, for his initiative and commitment to this noble cause.

The participants were educated about the vacuum technology by way of showing a documentary on “Pakistan Vacuum Technology Society and Its Role in the Establishment of National Institute of Vacuum Science & Technology”. Director General of NINVAST, Dr. Javaid Ahsan Bhatti, gave an illuminating talk about “Role of Vacuum Technology in Interdisciplinary Research & Development”; he emphasized that NINVAST is involved in education, training as well as industrial support. The participants were also shown an impressive and informative display about Vacuum Technology and Its Applications in a wide array of industries, i.e., textile, space science, defense equipments, vacuum pumps, computer & IT equipments, auto industry, surgical instruments, electronics, vacuum train, vacuum elevator, wind tunnel, microscopy, modern coatings on surgical equipment & sanitary ware, freeze drying, food preservation, rice milling, solar panels, vacuum sewerage, and so on. The postgraduate girl students of NINVAST presented a short skit to demonstrate about the enormous useful of vacuum technology in modern day life. An industrialist from Sialkot, Mr Shafiq-ur-Rahman, apprised the audience about the “Role of vacuum technology in industry in Pakistan” by citing practical examples of employing it in beverage & food industry and plasma coating for sanitary & surgical appliances.

The scientific presentations were followed by questions and queries by the young scientists to senior scientists including Fellows of the PAS and Chairman of Pakistan Science Foundation. During the lively discussion it was agreed that whereas higher education in the country has received due attention in the recent past, it is not true for science education at school and college level as well as for scientific R&D. Thus, these sectors merit better attention, more resources and effective activities.

The President of Pakistan Academy of Sciences, Dr. Anwar Nasim, shared his vision regarding making Pakistan science conscious. While appreciating the praiseworthy individual scientific efforts in the country, he emphasized for the need and benefits of collective and collaborative efforts by the younger generation and the seniors for the benefit of society at large. He ended his address by a positive note of hope and wish for the positive role of S&T in economic development of the country. This important scientific event was participated by almost all the stakeholders, i.e., postgraduate students from various Universities, university professors, senior scientists, and heads of academic and scientific organizations, and Fellows of PAS. Prof. Zabta Shinwari announced that next consultative session on “Making Pakistan Science Conscious” in Islamabad will be held on first Thursday of July 2015. He also announced that, with the financial support of a donor, Pakistan Academy of Sciences is going to launch a science essay completion for young scientists where by the winners will be recognized by bestowing medals. UNP

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