Nawaz Sharif to meet Obama

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WASHINGTON: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will meet US President Barack Obama here today (Wednesday).

The prime minister on Tuesday described Pakistan-US relationship as ‘vital’ that had scope for building a strong partnership, but called for ending American drone attacks on Pakistan’s territory being a ‘major irritant’ in the bilateral ties.

He was speaking at the US Institute of Peace, a think tank where the gathering included US Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson, Aid Coordinator Ambassaodr Robin Raphel, and top American experts on South Asian affairs.

The prime minister said the relationship should be based on mutual interest and respect.

He said drone strikes were a violation of Pakistan’s territorial integrity.

They were also detrimental to Islamabad’s resolve and efforts at eliminating terrorism from the country.

The drone operations, he said, had agitated and disturbed the Pakistanis.

“This issue has become a major irritant in our bilateral relationship — I would, therefore, stress the need for end to drone attacks.”

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