Labour’s Day

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Writer:Amenah Manzoor (Burewala)

“Maa, I’m hungry” Little Maryam told her mother.
“Dont worry my girl.Soon your father will be home with food and candies for you.” Sidra (Maryam’s Mother) made her daughter happy by telling this.
Meanwhile, the door knocks.Sidra opens the door and Akram(Maryam’s Father) enters.
Sidra, looking toward the bare hands of Akram, asked “Didn’t you bring food?”
“I stood near the main road square for 10 hours but no one came to hire me today.”Akram explained and tears rolled down his cheeks.
“Akram, I’m afraid we have nothing to eat today.Maryam is hungry.Why is it so ? In fact, these days have always been so busy working days.What happened today?”
“Today is a holiday in the town or maybe in the whole country.Today is Labour’s Day.”

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